Beuys / Cloots

Particularly associated with Schloss Gnadenthal are
the artist Joseph Beuys and freedom fighter Anacharsis Cloots.

The most famous inhabitants of the castle was Jean Baptiste Cloots . He was born on 06/24/1755 at Schloss Gnadenthal. From 1790 he called himself after the Greek philosopher Anacharsis Cloots.

At the time of the French Revolution he was a member of the Jacobin Club, the then most important political association. He advocated the establishment of a world state in which all men are equal.
Anacharsis Cloots however became a danger to the spokesmen of the Jacobins and died after a show trial on 24.3.1794 under the guillotine.

Many of the works of art of the artist Joseph Beuys living in Kleve related to Anacharsis Cloots .

Beuys' identification with Cloots at times was so strong that he connected the name with his own and called himself "Josephanacharsis Clootsbeuys”.

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