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317 years Schloss Gnadenthal, 2021

Around 1481, the name "Vallis Gratiae" ("Valley of Grace" or "Mercy Valley") is mentioned in documents for the first time.
In the Middle Ages at this place they built the farm “Ganswick", which was converted into a monastery in the 15th century.

Monastery Gnadenthal was destroyed during the 30-year war.
On the foundation walls of the monastery there was built the historic castle Schloss Gnadenthal in 1704.

Information about the artist Joseph Beuys and freedom fighter Anacharsis Cloots, personalities that are associated with Schloss Gnadenthal particularly.

Beuys / Cloots

Particularly associated with Schloss Gnadenthal are
the artist Joseph Beuys and freedom fighter Anacharsis Cloots.

The most famous inhabitants of the castle was Jean Baptiste Cloots . He was born on 06/24/1755 at Schloss Gnadenthal. From 1790 he called himself after the Greek philosopher Anacharsis Cloots.

At the time of the French Revolution he was a member of the Jacobin Club, the then most important political association. He advocated the establishment of a world state in which all men are equal.
Anacharsis Cloots however became a danger to the spokesmen of the Jacobins and died after a show trial on 24.3.1794 under the guillotine.

Many of the works of art of the artist Joseph Beuys living in Kleve related to Anacharsis Cloots .

Beuys' identification with Cloots at times was so strong that he connected the name with his own and called himself "Josephanacharsis Clootsbeuys”.