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The following files can be downloaded from this page:

gnadenthal-flyer.pdf [356 KB]
Flyer Schloss Gnadenthal (German)
gnadenthal-preise-2021.pdf [437 KB]
Prices 2021 Schloss Gnadenthal (German)
gnadenthal-tagungsmappe-2021.pdf [240 KB]
Conference Folder 2021 Schloss Gnadenthal (German)

gnadenthal-flyer-nl.pdf [653 KB]
Flyer Schloss Gnadenthal (Dutch)
gnadenthal-preise-2021-nl.pdf [424 KB]
Prices 2021 Schloss Gnadenthal (Dutch)

gnadenthal-bus-bahn-2020.pdf [41 KB]
bus-train route from Cologne, Duisburg, Dusseldorf and Krefeld to lock grace valley and back
gnadenthal-bus-nach-nijmegen-2020.pdf [26 KB]
Bus of Nijmegen in the Netherlands to lock grace valley and back

Flyer Grenzland Draisine in German
Flyer Grenzland Draisine in dutch
Gnadenthal-Touren [25 KB]
grace Thal tours for GPS devices

flyer-nordic-walking-d.pdf [1.315 KB]
Map Nordic walking park

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